Subaru Cracks New England’s Top 3 in Vehicle Sales

While ranked 12th in national sales, Subaru is now the third best-selling vehicle in New England!

Subaru leapt past Nissan and Ford as it climbed into the six-state region’s Top 3 in vehicles sold. Media Results won the 63-dealer Subaru of New England account in 2006, and has used strong musical branding as a key emotional plus factor over the years.

Melodic campaigns like "It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru", "It’s Gonna Be a Subaru Summer", "Take Me Where I Want to Go" and other seasonal tracks have helped Subaru develop strong brand awareness throughout New England.

Media Results Introduces the Gulf Electricity Brand

Media Results has launched TV and digital pre-roll campaigns to introduce Gulf Electricity, Gulf Oil’s new alternative energy division.

Messaging is centered around saving on electricity, while earning free Gulf gasoline. MR has created every radio, TV and pre-roll campaign for Gulf Oil since 1989.

MR Helps Aerosmith’s

Joey Kramer’s

Coffee Fly Off Shelves

The Media Results Music Department had fun “living on the edge”, writing and producing a cool mix-to-pix track for Joey Kramer’s new Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee, while AJ and his video team went “crazy” on an Ethiopian-themed concept.

“Advertising is evolutionary. Those who adapt survive. Those who adapt more effectively dominate.”

— Andy Vallario, Media Results President and Chief Creative Officer

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