“77% of young adults use tablets or smart phones while watching television. Adapt. Evolve. Dominate.”

Dan Milone, Media Results Digital Guru

At Media Results, we’ve been raving about the branding power and trackable data of pre-roll video for years. But with the revelation that more people now watch YouTube than any cable network, pre-roll is the new white hot medium. Fortunately, we’ve been part of its evolution.


The Media Results Pre-Roll Network utilizes proprietary real-time bidding technology to acquire and manage pre-roll video from thousands of online publishers from YouTube to ESPN.com to Weather.com, offering our clients millions of monthly impressions in any given market area.

Our algorithms are designed to identify sites that produce the highest click-through rates, page views and time spent on our clients’ websites, while also delivering the lowest bounce rates and CPMs in specific market areas. We’re able to drill down and deliver segmented impressions by age, sex, marital status, job title or any other information gleaned by our platforms.


We say utilizing the Media Results Pre-Roll Network is “branding with benefits”, because we don’t just deliver TV quality branded impressions, we deliver measurable results. Using various analytics, we track and measure real-time website visit data, so we can actually micro-manage pre-roll campaigns on an hourly basis. Yeah. Pretty cool.

Examples of Our Pre-Roll Campaigns

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