Media Results helped my 26 dealerships beat all sales records within months!”
Jeb Balise, President, Balise Auto Group

The Backstory:

In 2017, the 26-dealership Balise Auto Group was looking for a full-service agency to handle all of their marketing. Branding-wise, they were tired of “paying too much” for inferior radio and TV commercials from an outside production company. Digitally, they were uncomfortable using a third party who was also working for their competition. In 2018, Balise partnered with Media Results to handle all of its marketing strategies, from branding to digital to multimedia integration, including Latino marketing.

The Goal:

Save the group significant dollars by paying one low monthly fee per rooftop, and increase sales across all three states through better branding, digital strategies, and multimedia planning/buying.

The Message:

We created a new You’ll Do Better at Balise branding campaign that achieved instant positive awareness over a myriad of media verticals. We also developed Latino creative, Lo Haras Major en Balise, which significantly increased awareness and sales among their Latino base.

The Result:

Within several months, Media Results helped Balise beat all sales records. And the numbers keep rising!

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