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At Media Results, we never “set it and forget it”. On the contrary, we analyze your digital campaigns daily, identifying trends and factors that can dramatically lower your cost per lead/acquisition.



Digital Strategies That Get Results


Our dynamic inventory campaigns create 70% more conversions compared to traditional static campaigns used by many other providers.

We teach our AI to value the quality of leads, not the quantity of clicks, so we target only those people most likely to take action.

While other providers compete for the highest volume of, or the lowest cost per click, we focus on conversions – real conversions.

Other providers actually count 1-second phone calls, and VDP views as leads. We don’t. We count only filled-in forms and 30-second+ phone calls on trackable phone numbers.

And we use the latest technology to continually experience year-over-year gains in real conversions, by targeting only those people most likely to take action.


We employ a holistic approach to website optimization to ensure that your site has a strong foundation to encourage organic growth. We also monitor off-site elements that could affect your organic rankings. And our SEO strategy helps you lower your bid cost for paid search.


Social media influence continues to escalate, so we utilize audience targeting to ensure that the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Because of the amount of data now available, we’re able to drill down and determine who is in the market for a specific vehicle, delivering related messages to them on the platform(s) they use.


We utilize display retargeting (inventory retargeting) to lure prospective customers back to your site and purchase their next vehicle. It’s a proven strategy that increases return visitor rates, leads and conversions.


When a potential customer is visiting your competition’s showroom or service bay, we target that person with display and pre-roll video ads, telling them you are a better alternative.

Utilizing GPS information, we’re also able to supplement direct mail by using the same customer lists and deliver related messages online. We also employ conquest campaigns to target your closest rivals.


Pre-roll video is one of the best branding mediums available online. In a fragmented consumer media market, pre-roll is guaranteed to reach your audience, defined by available intent and demographic data. You’re able to pick and choose who sees your ad, which allows you to build brand awareness among those who are intending to purchase.

100% Transparency

You pay all third-party providers directly and you retain access to your advertising accounts.

Market Exclusivity

Unlike other digital service providers, we represent you, and only you, in your market area.

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