How We Navigate Today's Extremely Fragmented
Media Buying Landscape

Don't Call It TV. Call It Video Advertising.

Traditional broadcast/cable TV is just one way to deliver feel-good video branding. More people are switching to streaming devices for video content, and watching it on smart phones, laptops, or tablets. As a result, we constantly evaluate all OTT options to learn which ones deliver the greatest number of quality leads at the lowest possible cost.

We measure effectiveness by using GPS tracking to monitor who watches your OTT ads and then walks into the doors of your showroom. Yeah. We can do that! We also use proprietary third-party data to drill down and identify specific intenders in every medium, including over-the-top options, pre-roll ads, and traditional verticals.

Terrestrial Radio Still Rules

Terrestrial radio still has the marketing power to build your brand, and help you sell and service more vehicles even though some of its audience has been lured away by satellite radio and streaming verticals like Pandora and Spotify. Our experienced media buyers focus on securing prime AM and PM drive times at the lowest possible CPMs on local radio programming that gets results.


And So Do Billboards

Think about it. Boomers watch cable TV. Gen Xers and Millennials are cutting their cable cords. And Gen Y doesn’t even know what a cable cord is. But what’s the one form of advertising they’re ALL exposed to? Yup. Billboards. 

That’s why our media buyers do an exhaustive search of your market area to locate the most strategic billboards available.

But The Internet Is King!

We integrate the awesome power of the Internet to complement your holistic multimedia mix. 

From paid and organic search, dynamic display, and persuasive video ads to email campaigns and social media, we execute endless possibilities to generate leads online. 

Just give us a call to discuss how we enable the Internet to drive potential customers into your showroom.

At Media Results, we synchronize all of your mediums, so your audiences receive cohesive messaging.

Stacy wakes up, turns on the TV.


She sees your TV ad, hears your cool brand music, and learns about leasing a new Honda Accord.

On her way to work she’s stuck in traffic, hears your radio ad, remembers your TV spot, and starts thinking about that $99 Accord.

That morning she gets an email blast from your dealership.

Right before noon, she sees your display ad as she’s checking out her Yahoo! homepage.

She starts singing your name and types it into the address bar.

She sees your home page banner for the $99 Accord, but her boss wants to see her, STAT. She bounces off your site, walks into his office, and starts thinking about how a red Accord would look so much hotter than grey.
Stacy doesn’t know it, but we’ve just retargeted her by using tracking code, so we can follow her online, all day long.

By mid-afternoon she clicks on a weather forecast and sees your pre-roll video of the $99 Accord. It's red.

Now, she thinks it's fate.

As she’s stuck in rush-hour traffic, she hears your radio ad one more time…

When she gets home, she runs to her computer, types your name into the address bar…and clicks on the $99 Accord banner.

You capture her email, instantly engage her, set up a test drive, and help one more...happy customer buy a vehicle from your dealership.

You post a smiley picture of Stacy, you, and her new Honda on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which goes out to all her friends, including Julie, who’s really interested in buying a new Accord.

Need Results?

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